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Been there, Moved That !

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Van Express Moving is a family owned & operated, full service moving company. We provide local and long distance moving services. We do not just provide estimates for your move; we work to build with you a moving plan detailing every aspect of your move. Our golden hands workers will do everything to make your move smooth and comfortable as our goal is 110% customer satisfaction.


  • From the very start, these guys stood way out from the crowd: They were the only ones who answered all my questions at the quote stage. Their Moving Coordinator spent a fair amount of time on the phone with me going through the inventory of what needed to be moved, and patiently explained everything that I had a question about. I had to reschedule the move twice (so 3 different move dates). Every time, they were completely calm and accommodating. Then moving day arrived, and there they were -- 15 minutes early, and ready to go. The movers were incredibly quick and efficient -- a move that I expected to take 7 hours took 5-1/2 -- and still took great care with all the furniture and every single thing they moved. I could not be happier about how it went! Hire these guys -- you won't be disappointed! Ami Nasser
  • We set up a moving date with Van Express less than a week before we moved. The whole process was easy and pleasant. While hiring a moving company has the potential to be a headache, this was probably the easiest part of the move for us. Everybody at Van Express with whom we dealt was friendly, honest, and helpful. The movers not only showed up prepared to move any and everything we needed, but they were early! All our furniture and packed boxes arrived to our new house in one piece. To top it all off, they did the job in an impressively quick time. Andi , H
  • Despite getting quotes from 5 or 6 movers, I procrastinated in making a final decision and ended up looking to hire a mover the week before my move.

    Lazhar, the owner of this company, came to meet with me on New Years Eve in order to make his pitch for my business. I was very impressed with him and his proposal. He gave me a fair price and stated in writing that there would be no hidden charges. In looking at the reviews of a few of the other movers that I interviewed, several customers mentioned low-ball estimates and hidden charges for moving supplies.

    As an aside, I had moved with Oz on prior occasions and been very happy with the care they took with my things, but they would not come out to give me an in-home estimate and told me my move would take four hours longer than the estimate given by Van Express. Consequently, I eliminated them as a choice.

    On the day of the move, the movers were diligent and extremely helpful. They even repaired some damage to my bed frame, at no extra charge, that we discovered before they attempted to move it. They were a little late due to bad weather, but the company let me know and was very good with communication. I ultimately paid EXACTLY what Lazhar stated in his estimate.

    In conclusion, I would highly recommend these guys. Lazhar is a small business owner with a lot of moving experience that is looking to provide excellent customer service in an industry not exactly known for great customer service. Michael Bartoszek
  • THE BEST MOVERS~! You can see from all of the great reviews here on Yelp, and Google, and Angie's list - that Lahzar and his team are the best in the business.

    VERY PROFESSIONAL! He will pack, load, move, and unpack all in one day if that is what you need. He is inexpensive, trustworthy, and careful with your belongings.

    They moved my 4 bedroom home in NJ to Virginia. They started on a Saturday morning and I was sleeping in my new house late that night. Nothing was missing or broken. Everything was carefully put back together and placed in the rooms where they belonged.

    I can actually say that moving was a good experience, due to the fact that Lahzar was with me every step of the way.

    VERY EASY - NO STRESS! He will come to your home and look at your belongings and quote you on a price. No haggling and no upcharging - just a reasonable price. Once you do the comparisons, you will be happy with what he quotes you. The quote does not change, there is no funny business. Once the job is done and your items are in your new house - then you pay him. There were no credit card or deposits at all.

    I was moving three dogs and a cat - and I work from home, so I needed my stuff moved in one day so that I could be in my home and operational the very next day. All other movers told me that this was impossible, or they wanted to charge me extremely high rates. Lahzar did the job, did it perfectly, and is very good at what he does.

    I recommend Van Express 100% - hands down.

    Thanks again Lahzar! You made my move so easy!

    ~Kristin Kristin , L
  • Van Express did a great job with my interstate move. The owner, the office manager, and the moving crew were efficient, professional, and friendly. I highly recommend them. This moving company provided excellent value for the money. They are a top-notch company that does not charge top-notch prices. Katherine
  • Van Express just moved us from New Jersey to Indiana. I moved more than a dozen times in my military career, but this was BY FAR my best move ever. Maddy was very accommodating with a last-minute change in our move date, and Lazhar and his crew were very careful and efficient in packing, loading, and unloading. This is the first move I ever had with absolutely no scratches or breakage. They delivered on every promise they made, with no surprises at all. Joe Stenkamp
  • I just moved from NYC to NJ and chose Van Express to do my move, the day of the move the guys actually showed up 10 minutes early and wasted no time getting the job done and the were absolutely AMAZING, the Vice President who actually lived a few blocks away came out himself with the guys and was a true professional and so nice, they loaded up and got me to my new place right on time and put all my furniture back together and in place where I wanted it. I cant say enough about this company except that they are AMAZING and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great moving company. Sophia
  • I chose Van Express Moving & Storage for my move from New Jersey to North Carolina and have to commend them for a fantastic moving experience!

    The sales team is awesome, kind and very knowledgeable. The pick up crew was so careful in protecting and loading my items on the truck. The same crew was also on hand on my delivery which went equally as smooth.

    I highly recommend to anyone looking for a great moving company with integrity and outstanding customer service to give Van Express a call - you won't be disappointed!!
    Susan Murphy
  • I just recently moved from NYC to Charlotte NC. and chose Van Express and all I can say is that they are amazing all around, service, price, customer service was second to none. Thanks Van Express for a stress free move. Josh Greene
  • Thank you Van Express for a flawless moving experience. Everyone was so professional and courteous and all of my belongings were taken great care of! I could not have asked for a better moving company! Emily Perkins
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